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Top 10 Best Santa Cruz Shredder Black Friday Deals 2023

Dry herb vaporizers can be used in conjunction with herb grinders. The oven must be filled with freshly ground herb to maximize its potential. A grinder can reduce the herb’s size, allowing for better vaporization. The grinder does not require you to stir the bowl every three draws. The Santa Cruz Shredder (visit shop) was released in 2011.

It has been a long-standing favorite grinder. The Santa Cruz Shredder, or SCS, is not only the best medical grinder in the world but also features a large number of features in a compact package. The SCS’s unique square-tooth design allows for both sides of the teeth to be cut.

Top 10 Best Santa Cruz Shredder Black Friday Deals 2023

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This ensures that Santa Cruz’s promise of “FLUFFED TO PEFECTION” is fulfilled. The Santa Cruz Shredder is available in three sizes: small (2 1/8in), large (2 3/4in), and large (2 3/4in). You can also choose between 3pc, 2pc and 4pc versions, or a jumbo (4in) 2pc grinder. The aluminum versions are more expensive, but Santa Cruz makes a cheaper Shredder made from biodegradable hemp plastic.

This is the Santa Cruz Shredder premium herb grinding machine. It’s my favorite. It is made from medical-grade anodized aluminium, which I know many grinders claim to be aluminum. But I can assure you that Santa Cruz Shredder is the real deal. The Shredder’s unique tooth design isn’t diamond-shaped and it delivers top-notch performance in terms of how it grinds.

It produces a consistent texture with few clumps or lumps. It could be a bit more elegant, or how buttery it feels when it’s being held and used. This grinder is the best you can buy. It is loved by tons of people, and I get virtually no complaints. It comes in several sizes, as well as a variety of colors and finishes.

In my video review, I’m showing the medium and large sizes in black and silver. You can find a complete selection of Santa Cruz Shredder grinders at Find the SCS grinder that you are looking for in your stash. Although you can get the same result with an acrylic grinder or a 4-piece aluminum grinder, the Santa Cruz Shredder will produce better results every time.

These aren’t crazy claims. This is how I feel every time I use my Santa Cruz shredder. It is important to grind when vaporizing. The perfect grind should be fine but not too fine to pass through all vaporizer screens. The ideal grind should have as much surface area as possible.

A grinder that produces a fine grind but leaves behind small, densely packed pieces of herb is not taking a step forward. This quality of grind has been my norm for years. Many of my sessions included stirring the herb chamber after a few draws to loosen the now drier herb and reveal more surface area.

The Santa Cruz Shredder’s unique “tooth design” not only grinds the herb but also fluffs it. The fluffing part of the Santa Cruz Shredder is what I believe makes for a better result when the herb has been vaporized. Santa Cruz Shredder is the best medical-grade grinder on the planet. It can be used by patients who are medical marijuana users.

The grinders are ultrasonically cleaned using high-frequency sound waves and medical treatments to remove any small particles or contaminates during the machining process. Santa Cruz Shredder grinders are superior in terms of design, material and performance. Santa Cruz Shredder grinders made from anodized aluminum that is scratch-resistant are made.

Anodizing prevents not only scratches, but also corrosion and failures of thread parts. Santa Cruz Shredder grinders have magnetic lids made from earth magnets. They are sealed tight with the Nickle, Copper-Nickle triple-layer coating for extra security. The Pollen screens, made from stainless steel, have the smallest openings and the highest micron sizes.

The Spray Shredder makes it easy to grind pot on the move. This device is ideal for active smokers. It’s designed to allow users to quickly and easily scoop out the marijuana with their fingers. The device uses a unique tooth design and threading pattern to grind the herbs to perfection. It also has a strong magnet to keep the lid on.

It is also worth noting that the texture grip makes it simple to use, especially for people with sweaty hands or wrist or hand pain. The three-piece grinder not only looks great, but also grinds cannabis and other herbs beautifully. You can choose from matte or gloss black.

Each piece contains seven threads which prevent misthreading. The top is knurled, making it easier to grip while grinding. For those who like to smoke, there are kief presses. This device’s best feature is its kief collector. Santa Cruz Shredder comes in two, three or four chambers. It has all the bells & whistles.

Santa Cruz Shredders are available in four designs: two-chambers, three-chambers, four-chambers, and aluminum special editions. You can choose from a wide range of colors and different graphics making them a popular choice. There are many grinders on the market, but the Santa Cruz Shredder remains one of the most prominent names in the game.

It shares this title with some of the most well-known skateboards around the world. This company was the first to address the problem of weed resin clogging the grinder after a lot of use. Its unique design makes it easy to clean and almost impossible to scratch, making it a household favorite.

The Santa Cruz Shredder is available in a range of sizes and prices, ranging from $55 to $150 depending on how many pieces you choose. It’s not cheap, but it’s worth looking into if you are looking for a grinder that you will use every day. It’s a great way to test the Hemp Plastic version before you buy the real deal.

Although the SCS is able to do the job well, it lacks a nonstick coating. It will need to be cleaned once in a while. For added grip when grinding heavy or stubborn loads, the Santa Cruz Shredder’s top and bottom have a ridged pattern.

Although some grinders have textured surfaces on the top and bottom of their grinders, I find that they are not sufficient to provide the required grip for when the grinder is stuck. I have found that the extra grip provided by the ridges is a significant help when the Santa Cruz Shredder becomes stuck on a stem. You can choose to remove the stem rather than grind it.

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