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Top 10 Best Gaming Mouse Black Friday Deals 2021

Razer Deathadder is a great shape that fits all hand sizes and grips. I have spent hundreds of hours using it to play games, use Photoshop, and browse the Internet. Razer has not changed the Deathadder’s design despite many iterations over the years. There is no reason to. The Deathadder V2 is equipped with a 20,000 DPI Razer Focus+ optical scanner. While big numbers may not necessarily indicate quality, they do. Razer’s latest tech ensures flawless tracking even when you move the mouse as fast and furiously as possible.

The Deathadder V2 mouse is perfect for gamers and games. The design of the Deathadder V2 is very simple. It has two thumb buttons that are perfectly placed and generously sized. The optical mouse sensor works on both cloth and hard pads. It has the perfect body shape to accommodate a claw or hybrid claw/palm grip. Logitech G703LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse With HERO Sensor is a better option if you are looking for a cheaper mouse. Although it is heavier and less comfortable than the Razer Viper Ultimate mouse, it is also cheaper and compatible with macOS and Windows.

Top 10 Best Gaming Mouse Black Friday Deals 2021

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2 new from $17.99
1 used from $14.40
as of November 12, 2021 11:19 pm
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4 new from $21.99
1 used from $23.27
as of November 12, 2021 11:19 pm
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18 new from $22.50
4 used from $17.86
as of November 12, 2021 11:19 pm
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20 new from $28.15
1 used from $27.99
as of November 12, 2021 11:19 pm
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14 new from $34.99
23 used from $25.18
as of November 12, 2021 11:19 pm
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41 new from $40.00
7 used from $37.85
as of November 12, 2021 11:19 pm
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23 new from $44.00
4 used from $33.41
as of November 12, 2021 11:19 pm
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18 used from $43.35
as of November 12, 2021 11:19 pm
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11 new from $108.99
2 used from $86.95
as of November 12, 2021 11:19 pm
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22 new from $120.00
32 used from $86.50
as of November 12, 2021 11:19 pm

It feels stronger and has clicky buttons that feel satisfying and grippy sides. It’s not like the Razer. The Razer is right-handed and has a high back. This means that people with smaller hands might have difficulty reaching the buttons. The Logitech’s click latency is amazing, and the sensor has a wide CPI range with lower variations. Razer is a more lightweight and comfortable mouse than the Logitech. Logitech is a more affordable option that comes with companion software and is fully compatible with Windows or macOS.

The less expensive mice have optical sensors. These offer excellent tracking sensitivity and can map on many surfaces, even textured ones like cloth. Laser sensors on the other side can map onto different surfaces, including glossy or smooth ones, but are more sensitive to rough surfaces. However, it is important to not let either type of sensor be your main reason for choosing a mouse. Some vendors also sell branded versions that can track on reflective or glass surfaces.

These sensors should not be taken too seriously as you can use mousepads to solve any mousing problem. The Razer Viper 8K is a fast-paced gaming mouse. It is one of the most responsive and fast gaming mice on the market, with a polling rate of 8,000Hz and a click latency of 0.125ms. The Razer Viper line’s outstanding build and ambidextrous design have been inherited by this mouse. The Viper 8K will require a fast monitor, but it is worth it if you want the fastest mouse. The G502 is an exquisitely designed mouse.

It has a futuristic, angular design, but it’s extremely comfortable to use for long periods of work. Logitech G Hub software makes it easy to create custom profiles for any game you play. A few easy-to-install weight tunables allow you to adjust the mouse’s weight. Logitech has made subtle changes to the G502 over time. The G502 received full RGB lighting with the Proteus Spectrum update. The more recent HERO update replaced an older sensor with a stronger, higher-DPI model.

If you are looking for a wireless gaming mouse that is affordable, the Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless might be your best choice. You still get lots of functionality for $50. The mouse has a textured grip, flawless wireless functionality, and a rich software suite. The mouse features a high-DPI sensor with functional RGB lighting, two programmable thumb buttons, and a powerful, high quality sensor. Although it is a simple mouse, it performs well and costs less than many wireless mice.

The Harpoon RGB Wireless also has Bluetooth functionality. This means that you can use the mouse with smartphones, tablets, streaming devices, and computers. Razer Basilisk V2 gaming mouse is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a versatile mouse. The Razer Basilisk V2 is a gaming-focused mouse that stands out from the crowd of mice. Razer’s Basilisk V2 sensor packs impressive specs. It includes a CPI of up to 20,000. The tracking was flawless when we played with the Basilisk V2, and there was not one mis-click.

The Razer DeathAdder V2 offers a better alternative if you prefer something in a more traditional form. The Basilisk V2 won our Editor’s Choice Award for its larger side buttons and scroll wheel with adjustable resistance. The 11 buttons can be customized, so that any gamer will get the performance they desire. The Sensei 310 is a perfect size for gamers who use their left or right hands and want a small, ambidextrous mouse. It has two identical thumb buttons, one on each side. This is a common problem for ambidextrous mice.

Top 10 Best Gaming Mouse Black Friday Deals

As you grip the mouse with your pinky, it can be easy to click the wrong button. This has never happened in all the hours I spent testing the Sensei 310. The thumb buttons are now a smaller and more ergonomic size. This makes it easier to move your thumb up to press them, but keeps them out of harm’s way from accidental pinky clicks. This is the best mouse for anyone looking for an ambidextrous, small or light mouse. This wired mouse has a low click latency, a low minimum lift off distance, and a consistent sensor.

Although the CPI range may not be as large as other models, it should still be sufficient for most people. You can also adjust the CPI set in increments up to 50. The design is ambidextrous and egg-shaped. It’s ideal for fingertip grips for all hand sizes. However, it can also be used for claw grips for smaller hands. All buttons can be reprogrammed, including scroll up/down inputs as well as the CPI switching button.

G-Shift can be set to give you an additional layer of controls, as long as it is held. It’s not very flexible and retains kinks, so it might get caught on things like your desk. It also lacks an onboard memory, which is a big difference from its predecessor, Logitech G203 Prodigy. This is an excellent option for gamers who don’t want too much to spend on a gaming mouse.

Although the Corsair Sabre RGB Pro Champion Series mouse may not have all the fancy features of other gaming mice, its simple design makes up for it with its high speed. This mouse was designed by esports gamers. It features a 8,000Hz polling frequency, AXON hyperprocessing technology, Quickstrike buttons and fast actuation. It does all this without costing a lot making it an affordable option for competitive gamers looking to save money.

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