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Top 10 Best Black Friday Table Lamp Deals 2023

Smart lighting can make a huge impact in any room, without having to paint or do extensive remodeling. The Philips Hue Iris table lamp, which costs $99.99, can be used as a night-light or backlight. It is stylish and smart and allows you to set the mood by simply pressing a button or using your voice. The 16 million-color range and wide variety of cool and warm white tones allow it to create the right ambience for any occasion.

It also supports routines that will help you fall asleep at night and wake you up each morning. This new model has a maximum output of 570 lumens, which is more than twice that of the previous generation. It also features Bluetooth support, so it can be controlled from your smartphone without a separate hub. This makes it an excellent standalone smart accent light, perfect for both Hue beginners and Hue veterans.

Top 10 Best Black Friday Table Lamp Deals 2023

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There are five preset white scenes: Bright, Concentrate and Dimmed, Energize Nightlight, Read, Relax, and Energize. The preset colors scenes can be grouped into the following groups: Cozy, Party Vibes Seasons, Serenity and Sunlight. Spring Blossom is a bright pink shade in the Sunlight collection. Arctic Aurora is a minty color in the Serenity collections. Tropical Twilight is a vibrant purple shade in the Cozy collection.

Angel Pink is a peachy pink scene that I created. This atmospheric glow is great for setting the mood while watching movies or streaming games on Twitch. However, it’s not bright enough to illuminate your entire room. In fact, it’s not bright enough to read a book at night even at maximum brightness. It’s fine. The Glow’s soft lighting creates a great atmosphere in a room. It helps you to settle down after a long day, or when you wake up in the morning.

The lamp is also brighter at its bottom than it is at its top, which adds to the glowing effect. However, I can imagine that some people would prefer a steady light from the top to the bottom. Glow can be sat on a table or on a bedside table thanks to its 15cm diameter footprint. The lamp also stays put due to the grippy bottom. The body is made of aluminium but the base is made of hard plastic. Although it is not obvious from a distance, you will notice it once you touch the lamp.

It might be difficult to believe that a smart lamp would need to be touched. The purpose of smart lamps like the Glow can be controlled via a smartphone, virtual assistant or smartphone. Govee understands this and has included a control panel on its base. The Govee Aura Smart Table Lamp comes in a plastic box with five buttons on its top and branding on the bottom. The lamp’s overall appearance is degraded by the brick-shaped power cord. This brick is so small that it feels almost incongruous.

Overall, it was not a good start. The lamp measures approximately 8 inches high and 4 inches in diameter. The lamp’s bezel is a thin, half-inch thick at the bottom and quarter inch at the top when lit. The lamp can reach 350 lumens, has a temperature range from 2200 to 6500K, and is very bright. Govee also calls RGBICWW lighting inside, which is an acronym for animated, multicolored lights. The hardware has a translucent shell that transmits colors clearly, but doesn’t reveal any mechanisms.

This is one of the best things about it. Because touch-sensitive panels can be too sensitive or not sensitive enough, buttons are preferred by me. The Aura is a standalone smart LED product which can be used to create a variety of creative and practical lighting effects. It can be plugged in wherever there is an outlet. You can either control it via the app or use the buttons at the top of your Aura. Although it’s great as a standalone lamp, you can also integrate it with other Govee products.

The $59.99 Aura doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars and is much less than other smart lighting systems that charge hundreds of dollars for one light bulb. Although Govee’s name may not be as well-known as other brands, Govee has been around since the beginning. The white plastic conceals an LED array which can produce 360-degree effects. The 16 million+ colors supported by the Aura’s LEDs are available. The temperature range is from 2200K to 6500K, and the maximum brightness is 35 lumens.0

The microphone inside the Wi-Fi module picks up ambient music and can be used in various Music modes. There are many smart lighting systems available that are more sophisticated and capable. Many have an easier power supply. The Govee Aura is a great example of this. The Govee Aura packs many features in a small package that can be used to create cool light shows. It doesn’t even have to be connected to Wi Fi to turn on.

Top 10 Best Black Friday Table Lamp Deals

The Govee Aura is $59.99 and can be used as a smart light in any room of your home. The lamp is not only beautiful and bright, but it also provides excellent Wi-Fi connectivity at a reasonable price. This lamp doesn’t just connect two things like a pen-pineapple. Each aspect of the design, form and function has been carefully considered. The Symfonisk Table Lamp, which is pronounced “symphony”), costs $179 (PS150).

This price is comparable to the first-gen Sonos One ($199 from Audio Advice). It’s not crazy affordable. It is not a smart speaker or a smart lamp, like the GE Sol. So it will not do anything, no matter how many times you ask Alexa. You will need an Echo Dot or a separate smart speaker to get it to respond with voice commands. However, it does what you want: It’s an excellent lamp! It sounds great. It sounds great. Although it’s marketed as a bedside light, it works well in my office/studio.

It has many lighting options, making it easy to set a relaxing or calming mood. It can be controlled via voice, touch, or app. You’ll be able to focus on what is in front of your eyes if you have ever seen poorly fitting LED table lamps flickering. Mi LED Desk Lamp was designed to provide a steady light source that reduces eye strain and fatigue. The lamp’s base can be adjusted to adjust the brightness or colour temperature. You can also switch between the four pre-set lighting modes via smart home apps such as Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit and the Mi Home app.

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