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Top 10 Best Best Pizza Cutter Deals 2023

One of the most overlooked kitchen tools is the pizza cutter. They only have one purpose, right? Cutting pizza. It makes sense that most people will choose the cheapest pizza. You can do so much more with a pizza cutter that just cutting pizza. You can use them to make homemade pasta and dough. They can be used to cut fondant, quesadillas and herbs.

Don’t buy just any pizza cutter. Get the best pizza cutter. The cutter’s 4-inch wheel can cut through thick or thin pizzas. It also has a sharp blade that can take any type of crust, crisp or chewy. The diecast thumb guard protects your thumb from the blade while you cut. It’s similar to OXO tools and has a large, soft-feeling handle that you can hold on to even when your hands are greasy or wet.

Top 10 Best Best Pizza Cutter Deals 2023

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This will be useful for making pizza dough, as well as cutting pastry and pasta dough. You already know how easy it is to maintain other OXO Good Grips products. You can use them once you’re done using them. This pizza cutter is no exception. The large pizza wheel provides safe and perfect control. It has an ergonomic grip that is above the handle. This allows for precise steering and downward pressure.

This pizza wheel is easy to store in a drawer thanks to its handle-free design. A blade guard protects the cutting edge and keeps it safe. This cutter is easy to disassemble and can be washed in the dishwasher. There are many similar models, but it is hard to overlook the number of happy buyers who love this cutter. You can choose from several colors, in case you want it to match your kitchen decor.

The PL8 cutter is lighter than the handle. One tester said that the PL8 cutter felt strong. A raised knob is located in the middle of the round blade. The knob can be attached to your oven rack and used to pull it out. This will make delicate pizzas easier to remove from the oven. This is a thoughtful and useful bonus feature. The PL8 comes with a cover for the blade to prevent it from getting dull in your drawer.

We initially thought that the smaller models would be easier to use and hold when we started testing wheel cutters. After cutting through many pizzas, however, we discovered that the OXO model was more stable and easier to control. Although it is heavier than the other models tested, it cuts better. The OXO grip is soft and comfortable. The stainless-steel blade looks sharp and is made from high-quality materials.

Clean-up is slightly more difficult than with the Checkered Chef model. You have to remove the metal part that attaches to the handle. However, the parts are well-designed so it’s not too much. This baby can be washed in the dishwasher. The OXO’s weight is concentrated within the handle and not the blade. We preferred the extra power of the PL8 model’s blade to cut through the pie more easily.

We are not trying to split hairs, but both models are excellent pizza cutters. These 12-inch blades are made of hardened German stainless steel and can withstand even the most obscene, hot-fromthe-oven cheese. Nonstick nylon base is non-sticky and won’t scratch surfaces. It can also be used as a spatula to help you serve.

You should be aware that scissors may not be as versatile as standard wheels and can only be used to cut raw dough. They are also more difficult to clean, as they didn’t get cleaned up in the dishwasher. Because of their small size and discrete shape, hand-free pizza wheels are gaining popularity. You must press down instead of at an angle to get better leverage. If you decide to go this route, the OXO is the best choice.

It cuts better than any other models we tested. The outer edge of the non-slip material is easy to grip and can be easily removed for cleaning by hand or in the dishwasher. Kitchy’s protective cover is a great feature. It’s easy to open and close the cover when you are done using it. It’s easy to lose. You can also carry it around in your palm, which is why wheel-less models are so popular.

It takes up very little space in the drawer. We had to do repeat cuts on some of the pies, so it wasn’t the best slicer. This impressive knife made us feel like bosses. It was a bit too powerful for cutting pizzas or flatbreads. The Checkered Chef was slower than our preferred models and caused cramps in our hands. It also took up more space than it should in our drawer.

Top 10 Best Best Pizza Cutter Deals

It was also difficult to clean. It is possible to access all surfaces (unlike other types of cutters which can have hidden crevices food can hide in), but it still retained a layer of cheese and dough after running through the dishwasher. My personal favorite is the OXO Steel Pizza Wheel. It is large enough to create perfectly clean slices regardless of the thickness of your crust or how many toppings you have.

The handle is firm but soft, providing comfort and stability while you maneuver the cutter across a pizza. Additional safety features such as the thumb guard provide additional support, without the risk of you cutting yourself. After a quick clean in the dishwasher, the pizza cutter looks shiny and new every single time. This is the first mezzaluna/rocker knife cutter and it’s as good for home chefs as it is for professionals.

This durable pizza cutter is made for frequent, daily use. Kitchy is another easy-to-use and clean pizza cutter. It can be used to remove any pizza or other food stuck in crevices. To prevent slippage, the handle features a wide gray grip. The protective cover is also included. It can be used in the dishwasher, just like the OXO. This fun-looking pizza cutter is available in three colors: green, blue, and red.

These pizza scissors, or “scizza”, work exactly the same way as regular scissors. The nonstick nylon base prevents scratching of any pizza pan or surface. It can also withstand heat up to 400 degrees, so you can easily start cutting hot pizzas. The scissors work well with both thin and thick pizzas, but extra crusty crust may be more difficult to cut.

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