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34 new from $44.99
4 used from $46.47
as of August 31, 2023 1:02 am
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12 new from $61.98
37 used from $45.04
as of August 31, 2023 1:02 am
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13 new from $63.84
7 used from $65.28
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3 new from $99.99
26 used from $85.16
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27 new from $149.00
21 used from $126.85
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6 new from $159.99
12 used from $152.23
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3 new from $168.99
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1. WD 4TB Red My Passport Portable External Hard Drive Black Friday Deals 2023

WD’s My Passport 4TB mobile USB 3.0 drive allows you stuff a great deal of information on your pocket without draining it of money. It is definitely while not with transfers since the LaCie and Seagate drives we are going to be comparing it to.

Specs and design

It is roughly 4.25 inches long, 3.1 inches broad, and weighs about 8 oz. My Passport can be accessible $60 1TB, $80 2TB, and $100 3TB capabilities, with all the 1TB model being approximately 0.2 inches thinner and two ounces lighter. All versions include a guarantee.

That is six in alone for each weekday, and another for the weekend. Lest notice that a number of copies are redeemed through the week, and also anybody never hurts. WD advised us that the colors are to lure buyers.

Then you may expect from a mobile drive, the WD My Passport provides more dash. The bevels that are wavy also result in a much better grip.

WD has added user lure by beveling a feel to the half of this driveway that to power index and the powered USB interface. The waves offer a much better grasp on the sleek plastic. Following the answer that is color-coding, we did not inquire whether traction was the motive, but it will have that result.


WD does supply backup applications also as for managing sensitive information encryption software. This is a software package considering the My Passport is the companyUSB drive.


We started the inspection off with a warning about the tepid performance of the My Passport 4TB with big files, and it drops about 10MBps of ordinary. As you can see from the graph below, Nevertheless, it’s better than average at composing batches of folders and files.


The WD My Passport is significantly LaCie competitions and its Seagate with tons of folders and files, but not in throughput.

However, CrystalDiskMark indicates a very clear drop-off out of Seagate’s goods (the firm owns LaCie) as it comes to sequential throughput.

Alright the WD My Passport is not the Samsung T3 or the Seagate Backup Plus Quick, that can be exactly what you really want if you have to replicate a reasonable quantity of stuff and be on your path. Nonetheless, it provides what men and women need an operation with a cost and duplicates and small files –currently.

WD 4TB Red My Passport Portable External Hard Drive Black Friday Deals 2023

2. Seagate Expansion 2TB Portable External Hard Drive Black Friday Deals 2023

The fresh Seagate Expansion is a speedy and very affordable drive that will easily fit into your handbag or pocket. At only $90 (#61 and AU$118, converted) to your best capacity 2TB driveway, it is a simple recommendation for anybody who wants extra storage to continue the move.

(Notice that there is also a legacy version of this Seagate Expansion that prices $85 for 2TB. Aside from the slightly different appearances and prices, the 2 variations of the driveway are basically the same.)

Since there’s no applications or security service this storage device includes no significance, however. Additionally, it conveys a guarantee of just 1 year.

However, if functionality and storage space is what you require, the Seagate Expansion is a fantastic way to add storage. And as a result of the layout, the driveway is great to get a server, including media player or even a game console. For more choices have a look at our listing of mobile drives.

Straightforward Design

It is possible to telephone the Seagate Expansion a drive that is portable. It’s little enough to be tucked in within your pocket or a handbag.

The inner storage of the Expansion is a drive that spins not, and at rotations per minute at 7,200rpm. The slow spin rate usually translates into slower functionality (maybe not in this instance although; more on this later) but in precisely the exact same time also means lower electricity consumption.

The Expansion ships at a Spartan retail bundle that has the drive itself along with also a foot-long standard Micro-USB 3.0 cable. But that.

So as to utilize a Mac, a procedure which requires only a couple of 25,, you may easily reformat it. In reality, I find that purchasing a drive is a less costly way than purchasing a driveway, which is more expensive, to acquire storage to your Mac.

Seagate Expansion 2TB Portable External Hard Drive Black Friday Deals 2023

3. Seagate Expansion 8TB Desktop External Hard Drive Black Friday Deals

The consumer has been favoring 3-4TB pushes for external situations for some time based on sales around the world. However, because drives start to increase by default newer desktops and notebooks in capability, the demand for more power will start to climb. Notably, with the prevalence of automation, much more improved network capacities and naturally, internal networking servers to function to all your apparatus with (the past two points sort of piggyback on each other).

More and more, you’re currently discovering users are beginning to ditch films and their CDs as a result of the fact into electronic formats that software has gotten in this realm.

Contain the fact you’ve got some collections that are large on the market, and that digital downloads are far stronger than ever. Each these documents require somewhere to shop, and also your PC may not be the smartest choice.

That would signify that PC would be powered if you would like to be able to flow all that content on the system at any moment.

But many of routers provide connectivity so you can hook an external drive providing storage which could be obtained 24/7 to you. From here, you may use hardware and applications to your TVs such as Xbox Plex TVs, cellular devices, Roku and attachments, and to get this network and stream it.

Obviously, media collections or multiple copies may require a little space. Substantial capacity is not always cheap, however, in the instance of Seagate’s 8TB driveway, it is not that much greater than your typical 3-4TB choice, using a current price tag of just $179.99.

Because cost is not ideal for all, now do not get me wrong; however, if you intend on placing something up, this drive is much less than all the other choices or most.

We have our hands to determine how well it works for these tasks that were provided. We’ve been playing it off and on for about a week, as I said. It has been stuffed to capacity and formatted and stuffed some more.

What we discovered, was that it will result in a house or a fantastic solution ditch. Not just as much for an outside option for gaming consoles such as the Xbox One, since there are other forces that perform using a much better read/write than that, that makes a difference for loading times (we favor the WD Black Passport Ultra for an HDD alternative for gambling ), but it did function close to a few of our favorites (so if capability is greater than important than conserving 1-3 moments in game load period, than this push gets ideal ).

We expected to see roughly 7.45GB predicated on mathematics, but the fall is not important (and so is common). It arrived with a meer 46MB value of documents on the drive from Seagate, such as enrollment data (a .exe that require you to their website and a few serial number information in a hidden directory), and also a few guarantee info.

The latter was somewhat peculiar, as we discover drives have some sort of a connection where they could get it or software. The absence of applications is why as there’s absolutely no licensing the cost is reduced with this version. There are lots of alternatives at no cost or buy out there in the event that you look around.

I’ll break it down covering compose speed, to get a Notion of the speed of the drive:

The typical writes rate to get a bigger collection of files that are small: 70MB-135MB each second.

The typical writes rate for a massive assortment of arbitrarily sized documents: 107MB-154MB each second.

The typical writes rate for large individual records: 144MB-157MB each second.

The drive performs, as you can see. This means it takes seconds to move every gigabyte of information, which makes it a superb candidate for backups. The average read rate is similar and an increase of about 30-40MB per minute on average, in contrast to a similar job being written for this. So for big single documents, the normal read speed was approximately 170MB-188MB per minute (for instance ).

The driveway is as little as most modern outside options that take a typical 3.5-inch drive indoors. It is not bulky at all and conceals. The casing includes a diamond pattern/texture across all sides aside from the top and front, that can be smooth. Like many external drives, it contains all the essential cables within the box and comes in black.

A solution for media and backups collections. It may really be used for video game consoles also in the event that you’ve got a remarkably large assortment of games to set up, even though for consoles you will find drives which may help save you an additional couple of seconds in load times (in case that matters). 8TB is a good deal of capability which ought to cover the vast majority of consumers.

Seagate Expansion 8TB Desktop External Hard Drive Black Friday Deals

4. Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2TB Portable External Hard Drive Black Friday Deals 2023

The Seagate® Backup Plus Slim Portable Drive is your one-click method to discuss and to safeguard your digital life. The portable HDD accessible with up to 2TB of power. Where you go, Plus it goes.

Sleek, tough, metal layout for anyplace portability

Utilize the Seagate Mobile Backup program to back up right in your mobile apparatus

Share your articles between PCs and Macs

Easily Handle Your Favorites Wherever

All videos, movies and of your photographs could be backed up with the Seagate Dashboard, such as the ones that you’ve shared on YouTube, Flickr and Facebook.

What Is Contained

  • Seagate Backup Plus Slim Portable Drive
  • Seagate Dashboard backup applications
  • 18-inch USB 3.0 cable, plug-and-play
  • NTFS driver for Mac
  • Quick start manual

Key Features

  1. High-speed USB 3.0 / 2.0 connectivity
  2. USB powered – no power supply necessary
  3. Works interchangeably on PC and Mac computers
  4. Straightforward PC backup with Seagate backup program

consists of 2-month free membership to Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan. Have to redeem by January 31, 2023 (Redeemable during product registration.

Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2TB Portable External Hard Drive Black Friday Deals 2023

5. Toshiba HDTB410XK3AA Canvio Basics 1TB Portable External Hard Drive Black Friday Deals 2023


Maintaining data storage easy, the Canvio Basics enables you to deliver your collections everywhere with its glossy portability and ease, providing high storage capability, simple installation, and fast access to your saved content.

With 1TB (1) of storage, you’ve got ample room to store your growing collection of images, movies, and audio on a tiny portable drive. Where you move canvio Basics is everything you need.

Simple to Use

Discover one of the simplest ways to add storage to a computer with Toshiba’s Canvio Basics mobile hard disk, offering easy plug-and-play operation. Drag and drop files from the PC or notebook.

Whatever You Need, Wherever You Go

Canvio Basics Provides the space to accumulate in a dimension you can shoot anywhere. Introducing the Canvio Basics is a hard disk that is true – easy store and to transport in almost any pocket or purse.

Shop with Confidence

The Canvio Basics is constructed to Toshiba’s world-class superior standards, offering time-tested reliability and includes a 1-year regular limited warranty (two ), which means that you may feel sure and collect in ease.

Toshiba HDTB410XK3AA Canvio Basics 1TB Portable External Hard Drive Black Friday Deals 2023

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