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Best Top 5 Earth Auger Black Friday Deals 2023

best Earth Auger Black Friday Deals

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1. Southland SEA438 One Man Earth Auger Black Friday Deals 2023

The Southland SEA438 One Person Auger includes a 43cc, two cycles, complete crankshaft engine. It’s been working nicely for me so much, even if I implemented it in a huge array of scenarios and surroundings.

Not only does this operate and create holes in a really efficient and effective fashion, but it’s also quite timely since possible readily make heaps of holes in a few hours. This is following the long startup period, nevertheless — but when you get it running and around the floor, it is going to be such as the holes make them with you there directing the entire procedure and ensuring everything goes right and as intended.

I have hit the floor quite hard for this one, almost as I have taken it out to get a beating like I dig up holes and then a few more holes. This auger is very excellent for fencing especially. Your productivity when creating holes for staking fence articles will appear really high.

Little roots aren’t an issue at all — that auger just digs through and leaves holes being obstacles. It needs to be mentioned, nevertheless, that for a few units of the auger — follicles, particularly if they’re moderate and even the bigger and larger ones — you need to eliminate these before obtaining the auger on the floor.

Some units of the auger also don’t have any issues with starting up. This lack of consistency throughout all units of the model is bothering, but for the purchase price of this auger, it is worth taking a couple of minutes to be aware of the possible issues.

I’ll certainly suggest the Southland SEA438 One Person Auger to anybody if they are seeking to begin using their very own and original auger, or even for people who have past experience using augers earlier, or people who desire an auger is effectively better than the one they have today.

Advantages and Disadvantages


This 1 man auger has an integrated capability to take care of roots — it merely shreds and rips them through, letting you work on the dirt directly and whenever possible. This saves you a great deal of effort and time which you would have spent clearing the region and earth of almost any stray and embedded follicles until you could even begin working and creating the holes.

One thing which must be noted explicitly is that this auger’s characteristic of being really energy efficient. This will let you not need to think about refueling for a far longer stretch of time, which makes your strategies with fencing and other tasks simpler to execute and implement.


This auger frankly and true requires a longer period than you would expect to begin and running.

You also need to be certain you keep it correctly — do not just shove and set from the side. Be certain you place it your storage space lightly and place it down and set up carefully and gradually.

While this ground auger will manage roots with fantastic simplicity, this convenient and convenient attributes does not expand and apply to stones. A medium-size stone or rock can put an entire stop to your entire operation and stop and postpone your aims.

Southland SEA438 One Man Earth Auger Black Friday Deals 2023

2. V-Type 55CC 2 Stroke Gas Post Hole Digger One Man Auger Black Friday Deals

This digger is not perfect. There is a good deal of things you’ve got to take notice of and things you are going to need to look after before you start and even during the practice of digging holes to the floor.

You are going to need to do a little research on your own on how best to begin with this particular digger, and how you are going to use it to grinding holes because directions do not come bundled with this package. It is also not so easy to find this digger working — but I must say that once you begin it, it is only going to be smooth sailing and simple, painless digging with that point on.

Everything that you need to worry is all about are stones and roots from the dirt — but all you’ve got to do about that would be to keep a look out for them and eliminate all them prior to digging. After all that, you’ll begin — and this also digger makes the task simple and convenient.

Should you require a little time to prepare this digger to be used, and also clear the dirt of existing and possible obstacles, digging heaps of pockets in a matter of moments will be this kind of breeze you feel as though you’re on a ride. This digger can be on the milder side concerning weight, despite its own motor.

Working with this particular digger is merely so simple — you put this up and get it then you assess the dirt of the location in which you intend to dig holes. You eliminate the stones and roots there which would prevent your digger from performing the job — then you simply take the digger with you. Following that, simply turn it on and begin digging. The digger will almost create the holes in the floor that you desired in a really brief quantity of time.

It is well worth the cost which I paid for this, and it has worked great and surprisingly well for me. This digger does its job, it’s excellent functionality, and it has fulfilled my grinding needs and has done considerably more.

Pros and Cons


While this digger is admittedly tough to begin running, as soon as you’ve obtained it began — it actually works well and does its job correctly.

It’s possible to produce plenty of holes in a quick quantity of time with this particular hole digger — you can create over a dozen holes in under one hour.

Even in the event that you need more or fewer openings than this, this digger will nonetheless create your own life and work simple, as you don’t need to exert much work or invest that energy to create the holes you require, as a result of the gas-powered engine.

Plenty of versions of different auger pieces so that you may select the one which is going to work best for you personally.


While this post hole digger has been delivered in time, the directions which were supposed to include this particular hole digger were missing from the bundle.

This made it somewhat hard to get this up and running, and might even be daunting to complete beginners.

It is not so simple, to begin with this digger since it might appear.

When you reach the purpose of digging over couple dozen holes, then you could run into the issue of the post hole digger unexpectedly coming to a halt, and afterward being unable to continue digging holes following this quitting event occurs.

Everything you’ve got to do is keep it in storage for a couple of days, and attempt digging holes in the locale of your choice.

Something which is glaringly missing is a clutch, which releases on hitting or hitting a stone or a root. This would allow you to clear barriers a lot faster and helps prevent harm.

You need to keep a lookout for medium-size stones and roots remaining in the dirt since these items can’t just delay digging but prevent you from doing this completely.

This post hole digger does not have a container dirt in the bundle — you need to get dirt in your own, as it is sold separately.

V-Type 55CC 2 Stroke Gas Post Hole Digger One Man Auger Black Friday Deals

3. 52cc Two Man Post Earth Planting Black Friday Deals

Lightweight and simple to begin, The Post Hole Digger Place comes with a 52CC, air cooling two-stroke petrol engine, 6″ inch Auger Bits with cutting-edge carbide blades that the auger can drill holes of different diameters.

Recommend Programs:

  1. Industrial, Commercial, Small / Substantial Home Project, Install Fence Posts, Decks, Wooden Decorative, Plant Trees and Shrubs, Dog Kennel, etc. as well as much more.
  2. 6″ x 31.5″ Auger: 180mm(7″) between adjoining blade, 150mm(6″) total diameter,800mm(31-1/2″) total length
  3. Shade: black powder coated
  4. Material: carbon steel rod, metal steel cutting head
  5. Shank diameter: 3/4″ (matches the Majority of the auger shafts)
  6. Black powder coated finish for rust and rust resistant defense
  7. Heavy gauged(can withstand bending and torque loads),helicoids-type blade adds structural power
  8. Blade pitch is put to the reduced energy required for drilling and also optimize the Quantity of loose dirt removed from the pit
  9. Provide grinding operation in the industrial region, industrial application, and house project


  • Certification: CE and Intertie GS
  • Displacement: 52CC
  • Fuel Capacity: 900ml
  • 5Horse Power 52CC
  • Engine: 2-stroke,air-cooled
  • Drilling working rate: 170-200rpm
  • Rated output power: 1700W/7000rpm
  • Two-cycle petroleum /petrol and oil blended ratio: 25:1
  • Warranty: 1 year

Bundle included:

52CC Gas Powered Post Hole Digger, Air heating 2 Stroke Gas Engine with 6″ Inch Auger Bits Drill Kits Lightweight and simple to begin, the one-man post hole digger place is excellent for installing fencing decks, posts, planting trees and shrubs, and much more.

This collection is equipped with a translucent fuel tank which allows you keep your eye on fuel amounts while the ergonomic butterfly handles allow for comfortable in-use equilibrium, and assists in bettering your outside workload.

52cc Two Man Post Earth Planting Black Friday Deals

4. Power Planter 3″x12″ DIY Guru Auger Black Friday Deals

This auger is excellent for getting those small jobs around the house done — such as blending gallons of silver, paint, grass seed or seed.

You may plant bulbs or 3-inch potted plants while still appreciating the flexibility to perform countless different tasks, too. Even useful as a paint blending auger, there are lots of jobs this handheld auger can perform.

The auger piece features rocky, 10-gauge fighting, a 3/8-inch non-invasive hex drive, and it’s painted a shiny black enamel. Additionally, it comprises a 5/8-inch center shaft made entirely from steel.

Our DIY auger matches most electric or cordless drills. It’s simple to use also — simply twist the drill chuck to affix the auger and you are all set to dig.

Power Planter DIY Guru Auger Is fantastic for those wanting to plant in less time while supplying the extra period to be used for blending too. To be used in combination.

Excellent For:

  • Planting 3-inch potted plants, bare root trees, bulbs, vegetables, and shrubs
  • Apartment dull (ex: beneath sidewalks)
  • Installing a sand fencing or a snow fence
  • Cleaning clogged PVC drainage pipes
  • Digging holes for little game traps
  • Mixing little batches of cement
  • Tilling little planter boxes
  • Installing property signals
  • Fence post hole digging
  • Mixing brick and mortar
  • Mixing polymers in dirt
  • Mixing fertilizer
  • Mixing seeds

Power Planter 3″x12″ DIY Guru Auger Black Friday Deals

5 Landworks Heavy Duty Eco-Friendly Electric Power Cordless Earth Auger Black Friday Deals 2023 Key Points Of Landworks Heavy Duty Eco-Friendly Electric Power Cordless

LIGHTWEIGHT: Item weighs only 22 Lbs.

Unlike gasoline augers, battery-powered augers produce no smog, are more silent & Light Weight: in only 22+ lbs.

Equipped with a Transmission Overload Protector which regulates the Planetary Gear Mechanism for higher transmission efficiency, together with the capacity to perform Digital Rapid Stops that prevents the power head from overheating and safer performance.

The LandWorks Ice Drill can dig approx. 60 holes using one 2 AMP full charged battery in 88.8 WATT Hours or 120 pockets with just one 4 AMP full control at 177.6 WATT Hours.

– from overheating SAFETY: This product is equipped to prevent the power head. The wide-spaced handles equilibrium during operation.

– BATTERY INCLUDED: One 2 Amp Hour Lithium Ion Battery and Charger are included. A 4 Amp Hour battery can be obtained.

– EFFICIENT: Item is created with Planetary Gear Mechanism for greater transmission efficiency. A Brushless Motor creates the digging process productive and more smooth.

– ECO-FRIENDLY: Unlike gasoline auger, battery-powered auger generates no smog and is more silent.

The power head can provide up to some max 2.01 horsepower, and 60Nm torque. Use together with the Landworks, LAB01-030 Earth Drill, it could dig around 30 pockets using a single full charge.

Use with the Landworks, LAB01-029 Ice Drill, it can dig around 60 holes with a single charge.

Landworks Heavy Duty Eco-Friendly Electric Earth Auger Black Friday Deals 2023

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