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Top Best 4 Angle Grinder Black Friday Deals 2023

Angle Grinder

It is important once you’re selecting an angle grinder to purchase to make sure it’s a well-known and dependable manufacturer. This way you can anticipate it to have the ability to take the punishment many individuals have a tendency to put them through as an angle grinder that is great needs to. Some of the brands which are reliable by customers are DeWalt and Makita Kawasaki. There are more, but these are usually and the names, make the angle grinders.

There are models to fit your requirements and your price point. While in the event that you decide to invest more you will find more power if you opt for a budget system you could miss out on electricity.

Best Angle Grinder Black Friday Deals 2023

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1. HERZO Universal Surface Grinding Dust Shroud for Angle Grinder Black Friday Deals

I needed to replace tiles and several broken in my kitchen. I bought this to use with my DeWalt grinder, unfortunately, it did not work on this specific grinder. I purchased there lowest Ironton 4 and went to the northern instrument. I discovered that my small shop vac clogged up in approximately 30 seconds so I bought a 9 gal vac using a filter using this. Using some duct tape and a 1 1/4 vac hose connected to the bigger vacuum hose. I’m using 4′ cup and it does not get all the way to the border, I must slide the dust protect open slightly to reach the edge.

HERZO Universal Surface Grinding Dust Shroud for Angle Grinder 5-inch

Total quality of the item is good. The brush around the border does a good job of debris within the shroud. I did notice I needed to press quite hard to get the grinder to make contact with the surface.

This will vary with the elevation of the design of your own grinder and this wheel on your grinder. My only complaint is attaching the shroud and the vac together. The diameter is restricted by the adapter provided with this kit quite a bit. I would rather find sleeve’ which goes around the exterior of the port along with also my Ridgid vac hose.


1: I installed the clamping lever in a clockwise way. Should be counter-clockwise, thanks to the documentation. Confuse

If ignore it can interfere with the spacer-collar 2: the hole identification has a bulging head not so obviously stand out at first sight.

2: By locating the bumper in that is fixed. 5′ model I use the rear side washed for a perfect match. 5′ diamond cup accepts 5/8′-11 spindle, I install the rear washer and then thread the diamond cup onto the spindle, anticipating the workload to further tighten the cup. Compatibility

3: slide open the front gate that is crimson to see the 4. 5′ diamond cup, the notice cup tangent line does not clear the gate window, short by 1/8′ into 3mm. Compatibility

4: the diamond confront is 1/16′ or so clear the skirt brush, coincidently.

5: Compatibility supplied vacuum coupler fits my craftsman shop vac hose, the other end id equals outlet id of the goods. I failed to link it free passed I’ve got a tool. Update returning from a job done.

Doesn’t fit a grinder that is slim that is bosch 1380. Bolt heads on guard hit on the grinder housing. A harbour freight grinder ok.

HERZO Universal Surface Grinding Dust Shroud for Angle Grinder 5-inch: I tried for an hour or so, however, this didn’t match my Dewalt grinder due to misalignment of the retaining ring (seemed like a manufacturing error with poorly installed rivets). Amazon processed the yield and refunded.

Not as universal as they claim — did not match my harbour freight grinder; the collar was too big. It held After a piece to bridge the gap was made by me, but it did little to collect dust pushed hard against the ground using a vacuum attached, the dust went through the brushes. I guess it only works with a really 4′ disc or wheel onto a 7′ grinder.

Because the dust would go simply 19,, before I purchased this shroud, grinding a floor was a nightmare. I have a harbour cargo 4 1/2′ grinder and this shroud matches it and works better than I expected when grinding thinset. I attached it and the dust was. This shroud was one.

Amazing product I hooked my shop vac to it and was able to grind concrete.

It’s a night and day difference. So it might fit on my Dewalt grinder Needed to modify using my DeWalt grinder. It worked pretty well. The links to the vacuum require tape to hold together.

Still had to tape the end of my hose on but works well.

I have to confess, I thought this thing would break inside of 5 minutes but it worked and is broke. Mod was duct taping the vacuum hose into the adaptor onto the dust shroud. Great product and a must for concrete.

The problem is you need to keep it pressed down so much to keep the dust, although the device is fine in theory. Additionally, the’adapter’ that is supposed to help you attach your shop vac was a mystery to me. I am pretty sure I did it wrong and in the end, had to duct tape the hose to it. There were not any instructions describing how to use the adapter, as well as the directions with the unit, were confusing.

This worked well for me. I removed it and put a 1/4′ bolt in with a lock nut. Was surprised I wore a respirator while using this, but hardly any dust was made by it, you have to keep it flush with the surface you’re currently grinding or it’ll kick up some dust if you tilt the grinder.

The juicers were I needed to use them and it worked. Beats shrouds. The plan is very well made and sturdy.

I don’t typically leave product reviews but you is definitely deserved by that this device. Because there was a hump I had to grind a 4-foot part of my slab flooring. I used my freight grinder and Dewalt bead cup but after performing about 6 inches, then it created.

It took an hour for me to wash the room. I ordered this dust shroud, which attached to my 4. 5-inch harbour cargo angle grinder. So it is easy to find one to fit spindles to get 4-5 inch grinders the shroud includes different collar inserts.

My shop vac hose was a little big to fit at the opposite end although I attached the rubber vacuum boot to the shroud, so I cut on the first segment and the vacuum was a tight fit. I have a 1 1/4 inch skinny hose in my shop vac but if you’ve got the regular large 2 1/2 in. shop vac hose, then you’ll need to purchase the universal adapter on Amazon for 10 bucks (see my second to the previous image ) or the two. 25 adapters from home depot for a few bucks then cut the rubber boot as I did.

I only finished grinding a fantastic section of my floor in approximately ten minutes with absolutely zero dust. I really can not believe how good this thing operates. I expected some dust but there was none. In case you have any concrete grinding to do, this really is an essential piece of kit.

This works good I was amazed and hooks. Your wet vac will suck all of the dust-ups simply using this clean up is a cinch.

Well, it will work pretty good. Only 4 stars because you need to purchase an adapter to your vacuum, and also fitting the shroud to this grinder is a bit of a puzzle.

It fit my bosch router quite well. It is held therefore that it will change during use on using a clamp ring. I wound up by using a piece of EPDM pond liner adding the shroud extension I had laying around. I wrapped it and used small screws to hold it. I slit the EPDM each 1/4″ to allow it to flex against the surface. This works great and captures all but a small portion of the dust. The herzo shroud would be enhanced when it came with brushes of different lengths.

The unit is fairly well made but will not fit nicely on a lane cargo 4′ angle grinder with a conventional 4′ diamond grinding cup.

4 did not match my Dewalt by the shroud. 5′ angle grinder, until I fired off a couple of metal nibs from the grinder, then it was a little shaky.

The vacuum hose adapter did not fit my store vacuum; I needed to use duct tape and a few little timber splints to join those together. The rubber adapter that fits into the shroud exhaust would not remain in place once I transferred the grinder round my bumpy concrete flooring; it kept pulling out (a weak friction fit).

Maintain the grinder with the other hand — very awkward and I had to hold it in place. That said, it was fairly helpful in stopping the majority of the dust out of filling my residence. Because of the difficulty in using it, I would not want to use it.

Does the job economically and seems to make my client happy.

Grinding concrete is very dusty and this eliminates 99 percent of the dust. Fit in my Makita grinder.

HERZO Universal Surface Grinding Dust Shroud for Angle Grinder Black Friday Deals

2.  DEWALT DWE402K 4-1/2-Inch 11-Amp Angle Grinder Kit Black Friday 2023 Deals


11 Amp AC/DC 11,000 RPM motor designed for faster material removal and higher overload protection.

Dust Ejection System Supplies durability by ejecting Harmful Debris and Dust particles Which enter the Device through the air intake vents.

Low profile gear case Permits access into tight spaces.

Quick-Change wheel Discharge Permits tool free wheel removal without Needing a wrench.

One-Touch Guard allows for 360-degree rotation of the Shield in One Activity.

Paddle switch with Security lock-off prevents accidental startup.

Matching wheel flanges Permit the use of accessories.

What’s in The Box

  • 4-1/2″ Small Angle Grinder Kit
  • (1)One-Touch Guard
  • (1)2-Position Side Manage
  • (1)Wrench
  • (1)Kit Box


  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty
  • 1 Year Free Service Contract

DEWALT DWE402K 4-1/2-Inch 11-Amp Angle Grinder Kit Black Friday 2023 Deals

3. SODIAL(R) 4Pcs M14 Crew Twist Knot Wire Wheel Cup Brush Set For Angle Grinder Black Friday Deals


  • Twisted & Crimped Wire
  • Cup Brush & Semi Flat Brush
  • Material: Steel Wire & Alloy Metals
  • Colour: Red
  • Size: 75mm(3″)/100mm(4″)


* SODIAL is a registered trademark. SOCIAL’S ONLY Authorized vendor can market under SODIAL listings. Our products will enhance your experience with an inspiration that is unparalleled.
SODIAL(R) 4Pcs M14 Crew Twist Knot Wire Wheel Cup Brush Place For Angle Grinder
For eliminating paint/rust etc, deburring and edge blending Fantastic.

Twisted bristles allow the brushes to be strong and tough.

Ideal alternative for preparing rough surfaces cleaning, and elimination of rust, scale and paint

Pack: 4 Wire Brushes


Package Contents:

2pcs 100mm(4″) Wire Semi Flat Brush

Notice: Light shooting and screens that are different can cause the colour of the item from the image a little different. The measurement allowed error is +/1-3cm.

SODIAL(R) 4Pcs M14 Crew Twist Knot Wire Wheel Cup Brush Set For Angle Grinder Black Friday Deals

4. Bosch GWS 6-100 4 inch Angle Grinder Black Friday Deals

Bosch GWS 6-100 Mini Angle Grinder Features: Flat gear head for working in tight spacesArmoured coils which protect the motor against sharp grinding dustAnti-rotation protective guard — easily adjustable, provides reliable protection cut-out carbon brushesSlim casing grip for additional easy handlingReinforced windings to get a lengthy lifetimeBurst wheel proof protective guard.

Bosch GWS 6-100 Mini Angle Grinder Features:

  1. Flat gear head for working in tight spaces
  2. Armoured coils that protect the motor against sharp grinding dust
  3. Anti-rotation protective shield — easily adjustable, provides reliable protection
  4. Cut-out carbon brushes
  5. Slim housing grip for extra easy handling
  6. Reinforced windings to get a long lifetime
  7. Burst wheel proof protective guard for maximum safety
  8. security spindle lock
  9. the very small metal gear casing


 Bosch GWS 6-100 4 inch Angle Grinder Black Friday Deals

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